AmAs – Ambienti in Ascolto

AmAs – Ambienti in Ascolto is a research-training project consisting of a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) carried out with the support of the Movetia Foundation within the framework of the Carte Blanche action.

The CAS aims to explore the potential of listening and sound in the disciplinary field “studio d’ambiente” (environmental studies), adopted in southern Switzerland in all primary and secondary schools. The concept of soundscape will be at the centre of the training course, as a key to plural access to space. Space becomes a “listening environment” involving different disciplines: from geography to music, from history to literature, from arts to science. The soundscape of a place represents a space full of meaning, connected to the possibility of evocation and memory and at the same time of exploration and discovery of new perspectives. An innovative educational tool to sensitize students to a new way of perception and knowledge.

Information about the project is available in the Italian version of the site.
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