Nicola Rizzo

Family name Rizzo
First name(s) Nicola
Date of birth 15-01-1974
Nationality Italian
Academic degree Master
Current position Researcher
Institution Institute for Information Systems and Networking (ISIN) of the Department of Innovative Technologies (DTI)
Mailing address Galleria 2 – 144
Via Cantonale, CH – 6928 Manno
Phone number T +41(0)58 666 65 02
Cell +39 340 109 38 67
Email address

Head of the Ambient Intelligence Research Area at SUPSI DTI, researcher. He is an experienced web developer, committer for the dojo open source toolkit since 2009. He has been lecturer for an advanced course about HTML5 and web applications (SUPSI); Nicola is interested in domotics and now he’s working on a home automation framework.
He also completed musical studies at Conservatorio di Como Giuseppe Verdi (clarinet), and played for more than ten years in a Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra Sinfonica del Lario).