Research projects


AmAs – Ambienti in Ascolto is an international research-training project that investigates the potential of listening and sound in the disciplinary context of environmental studies.

Rumore di occhiali da sole

The sonorization of the MASI collection makes works of art accessible to people with visual disabilities. The experience invites everyone to perceive sound through body and emotions.

Ticino Soundmap

The sound map displays acoustic tales, interviews, field recordings collected in Ticino and elsewhere. It’s a participatory map: do you have any sound to share?


An acoustic investigation of the life of Petropolis, a residential neighborhood in Caxias du Sol (Brazil), created by a sound artist, a radio author, an historian, a geographer and a psychologist.

Il rumore lontano

Il rumore lontano identifies the cultural and geographical features of the Canton of Ticino through an acoustic exploration of its railway network.

Impronte di paesaggi sonori

The project inspires children to reclaim a sensory channel – the auditory one – and proposes educational courses to raise awareness of soundscapes.


Sapendo ascoltare al buio si vede meglio

The workshop, led by the music therapist Wolfgang Fasser, constitutes a training moment on the diversity of points of view, in a renewed encounter with otherness.

Teatro di suoni

The sounds of theatrical and territorial spaces give rules and meaning to performances. Teatro di suoni is an open reflection on the study of sounds on stage and in the scenic actions of everyday life

Soundmapping: A critical history of sonic cartographies

Our movements in the world are guided by acoustic and cognitive maps. The workshop, led by the American poet Hillel Schwartz, is a reflection on the shape and functioning of these cartographies.

Travelling Soundscape Worskshop For Preservation and Valorization of Sound

The workshop represents the starting point for a great research project on soundscapes. It aims to create an international and multidisciplinary laboratory about the sound-space relation.