Travelling soundscape workshop – First edition

Travelling Soundscape Workshop for Preservation and Valorization of Sound (TSW) is an international transdisciplinary seminar that starts from the desire to experiment with participatory methods of field work oriented to take up the challenge of placing the ear for knowledge of the territory at the center.

The workshop, promoted as part of the international coopeartion within the agreement “Brazilian-Swiss Joint Research Programme (BSJRP)” aims to produce new knowledge through an experimentation of coopeartive writing “in the field” with a view to the publication of a volume and oriented to the activation of research projects on the theme of the sound dimension and its link with the territory / landscape / place.

The workshop was conceived as an itinerant tour on the territory of Ticino. Participants, in contact with the different sound dimensions, will confront each other by making the mutual points of view dialogue directly in the field.

The many side events in the program were designed to tighten, already in the design phase of the future project of cooperation between Switzerland and Brazil, the actions of dissemination on the territory that are configured, at the same time, as moments of mutual listening between the scientific community and the territory.