Rumore di occhiali da sole

You don’t hear the sound of sabres, but it’s the sound of glasses. In the passage from the perceived space (the geo-structure) to the represented space (the geo-gram) until you get to shape a place in heterotopia there are no duels, no bloodshed but you play to include and welcome different points of view. In the narration of the experience of sonorization of some works of the MASI collection, more spaces are juxtaposed than in the normal would be incompatible in order to make works of art (figurative and abstract) accessible to people with visual disabilities and thus, through experience, transform space into place. In the last part, Xabier Erkizia presents a utopia in the sense that Foucault (2010) gives it a narrative between narration and sound through your body (your hearing, your sight, your emotions) that approaches the sense of experience not to make it transferable, but to relive it in a place without place, exactly where you are now.