Expected outcomes

The expected impact of the research results are related to the intervention and the development of an educational tool. One objective for future development focuses on bottom-up participatory processes, in order to increase active international community involvement and to promote a set of tools capable of: a) promoting actions of awareness-raising about the dimension of soundscapes with regard to the promotion of sound and active listening related life skills; b) raising awareness among pre service teachers about the use and the impact of silence/sound in the educational setting; c) promoting the potential of the soundscape for the advocacy of pathways for artistic and educational development, both in the musical area and in the physical theatre; d) raising awareness, disseminating and spreading good practices in the implementation of the educational tool related the soundscape; e) grouping and connecting the practices, tools and experiences developed with the international partners.

After the implementation of the intervention followed by the development of the educational tool the research team aims at implement the toll in different educational settings (formal, informal and non-formal).

All along the research project and especially after the data analysis the result shall be published in different journals, also peer reviewed papers.

During the workshop dissemination events related to the newest research results will be organized in Locarno and surroundings, hosting and actively involving the international researchers of the project.

This collaboration brings strong implications for the students’ research education through the development of Bachelor and Master thesis, but is profitable also for junior doctoral candidates. In addition, the results will be disseminated through open access channels as well as by Swissuniversities guidelines.

Conference participations and the presentation of the workshop’s results to the scientific community will also be ensured. Further on, a project proposal will be prepared during the following month after the workshop that will be submitted to the Swiss National Research Found with the aim of consolidating the built-in network and for capitalizing the exchanged expertise.