Cristian Scapozza

Family name Scapozza
First name(s) Cristian
Date of birth 23-05-1983
Nationality Swiss
Academic degree PhD
Current position Researcher
Institution Department for Environment Constructions and Design (DACD) – SUPSI
Mailing address Via Trevano, CH-6952 Canobbio
Phone number  T +41 (0)58 666 63 76
Email address

Personal data
Cristian Scapozza was born in Faido on 23 May 1983. He is originally from Olivone in Valle di Blenio.

Cristian Scapozza studied at the University of Lausanne, obtaining in 2006 a Bachelor’s degree in Science (BSc) in Geosciences and Environment, mention “Physical Geography”, and in 2008 a Master’s degree in Science (MSc) in Geography, specialization “Alpine Environments”. Also at the University of Lausanne, in 2012 he obtained a doctorate in environmental geosciences with a thesis on the detritus strata of the Alpine periglacial area entitled “Stratigraphie, morphodynamique, paléoenvironnements des terrains sédimentaires meubles à forte déclivité du domaine périglaciaire alpin”.

Professional experiences
During his collaboration with the University of Lausanne, Cristian Scapozza has carried out numerous research projects in alpine quaternary geomorphology, in particular on permafrost, last deglaciation and geopatrimony studies. In 2011 he finalized a research project on the quaternary evolution of the Ticino and Verzasca delta at the Bolle Foundation in Magadino. In addition to his work as a researcher at SUPSI, he also works as a geoturistic guide.

Glacial and Alpine periglacial geomorphology, Quaternary geology, applied geophysics (electrical and electromagnetic methods), geotourism and natural heritage.

In 2008 and 2012 he was awarded the prize of the Faculty of Geoscience and Environment of the University of Lausanne for his Master’s thesis (2008) and PhD thesis (2012). In 2008, he was also awarded the prestigious A.F. Schläfli Prize by the Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences.