Michela Papandrea

Title Dr.
Family name Papandrea
First name(s) Michela
Date of birth 30-11-1984
Nationality Italian
Academic degree PhD
Current position Researcher
Institution Institute for Information Systems and Networking (ISIN) of the Department of Innovative Technologies (DTI)
Mailing address Galleria 2 – 144
Via Cantonale, CH – 6928 Manno
Phone number T + 41 (0)58 666 65 02
Email address michela.papandrea@supsi.ch

Researcher at SUPSI DTI, computer engineer, received a Ph.D. in computer science in 2015. Qualified in mobile sensing and computing, smart localization and human mobility prediction. She has collaborated on various projects for participatory sensing, including VibN for the social geotagging of audio tracks [VIBN11]. Michela has been a lecturer and head of the course “Developing Applications for Androids” at SUPSI since 2012. Her research is particularly focused on “smart” usage and optimization of mobile resources, in order to reduce energy usage as well as the amount of private data (position, audio, activities, etc.) transmitted over the web.

Selected Publications

Hossmann-Picu A. , Li Z. , Zhao Z., Braun T., Angelopoulos C. M., Evangelatos O., Rolim J., Papandrea M., Garg K., Giordano S., Tossou A. C. Y. , Dimitrakakis C. and Mitrokotsa A., (2015). “Synergistic User ↔ Context Analytics“, In Proceedings of The 7th ICT Innovations Conference, October 2015, Ohrid, R. Macedonia.

Papandrea M. and Giordano S. (2014). Location prediction and mobility modelling for enhanced localization solution. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing (Springer), 5:279–295, June 2014.

Zignani M. , Papandrea M., Gaito S., Giordano S. and Rossi G.P. (2014). On the key features in human mobility: relevance, time and distance. In Proceeding of International Workshop on the Impact of Human Mobility in Pervasive Systems and Applications (PerMoby) at PerCom’14, March 2014.

Papandrea M., Zignani M., Gaito S., Giordano S. , Rossi G. P. (2013). How many places around you? In Proc. of International Workshop on the Impact of Human Mobility. In Pervasive Systems and Applications (PerMoby) at PerCom’13, March 2013.

Papandrea M., (2012) A Smartphone-Based Energy Efficient and Intelligent Multi-Technology System for Localization and Movement Prediction. In Proc. of PerCom’12 (PhDForum), March 2012. (Best PhD Student Award).