» Program (in Italian)

June 13th, 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Verscio, Teatro Dimitri
Introductory public event


  • Welcome
    Welcome by the Swiss Association for Theater Studies (Paola Gilardi, co-chair of SATS)
    Launch of the theme: “How does the region resonate in theatrical spaces?”
  • Presentation of three case studies and two research projects
    • Il rumore lontano. A regional reading exercise of the Canton Ticino through sound (2018)
    • Centovalli-Centoricordi (2013)
    • Re Cervo (2014, performance result of the research project “SPASS – Synergies between Artistic Practices and Sustainable Shifts”)
    • groove feeling – Artistic scientific research on the groove phenomenon (in English)
    • Music and Clowning in Europe, 20th-21st Centuries (in English)
  • Refreshments

Case studies and research projects

“Il rumore lontano”, “Centovalli-Centoricordi” and “Re Cervo” are experiences and investigations that revolve around the red thread of the Centovallina: a fascinating railway track, at the same time international and local, which brings into question the cultural and political borders between two neighboring regions. The speakers of the event will reflect on the spaces and sounds that denote the movement of the train in a space-time that is technologically accurate (and for Switzerland the train also exists as a territorial marker), in a continuous game of references to the train as an inhabited space, characterized by imperceptible pulsating rhythms of those who experience the train as a place where distance is not measured in the spatial metric, but in the temporal one. But the train and the scenic events that its passengers have seen will also be the starting point for reflecting, based on concrete experiences, on the spatial and sound dimensions of theater-making modes that are deeply rooted in a relationship of anthropologically strong links with geographical and cultural border crossings.

To broaden the perspective around the themes of the theatrical and regional soundscapes, besides the case studies, two research projects will also be presented. The first is dedicated to the “groove feeling” and represents, as a sort of counterpart to the focus on a region as an anthropological place, an exploration of the relationship between body and sound in dance-club spaces. The second, devoted to music and clowning in 20th and 21st century Europe, will launch the reflection of an imminent research project on the intertwining of sonority and comedy.

Additional information

During the evening it will be possible to visit the installation of “Il rumore lontano” by Xabier Erkizia, sound-artist, freelance researcher and professor at the San Sebastian Film School

June 14th, 8:30am – 6:30pm

Locarno, Dipartimento formazione e apprendimento


  • 8.30am – Opening of the day
  • 9.30am – Openspace
    Through the Openspace methodology, the participants are invited to reflect on the critical aspects and opportunities connected to the theme: “How does the region resound in theatrical spaces?”
    Those who presented the abstract with a favorable feedback of their peers will participate at the Openspace.