Sapendo ascoltare al buio si vede meglio

You hear that? What? The sound is ephemeral and touches us quickly and just as quickly disappears. Sound is a ghost that constantly surrounds us, it is air and vibration, tremor or pressure, and we also perceive it according to circumstances, pleasure, pain or fear. In addition to the rational dimension, sound hides within itself an emotional and affective dimension. Clearly, in order to grasp it we must stop and listen, let the sounds caress us, as if in an embryo, take root in us more and more consciously thanks to a continuous attribution of meaning.
The training moment is aimed at developing exploration skills perhaps new or unusual according to the principle of the richness of diversity of looks and different looks on diversity in a renewed encounter with otherness.

Information about the project is available in the Italian version of the site.
» Sapendo ascolare al buio si vede meglio