Xabier Erkizia

Title Dr.
Family name Erkizia
First name(s) Xabier
Date of birth 27-10-1975
Nationality Spain
Academic degree
Current position Free-lance researcher, sound artist, independent curator, radio producer, film soundtrack composer
Mailing address Legia kalrea 23, 1c 31780 Bera – Spain
Phone number T +34 666 90 44 47
Email address xabierk@gmail.com

Is a multidisciplinary artist, living and working from the Basque country. He cursed studies on Radio and TV production in Bilbao (1996-1999), and after some collaborations with different media always related to journalism (music magazines, newspapers, TV and radio stations) he worked in various other disciplines as designer, illustrator, internet programmer, curator but specially music-sound production.

During the last two decades, he has collaborated with a large list of artists coming from different artistic disciplines like photographers, videoartists, filmakers, writers and of course, musicians and sound artists. His works (films, sound pieces, installations, concerts…) has been presented all around the world, and has been awarded several times.

For the last 16 years he also organises a yearly international music festival in Bera (Spain) called Ertz , he directed the sound department of Arteleku art center in San Sebastian for ten years (2003-20013) and had developed different research and artistic projects for dozens of cultura institutions in Spain. At the same time he has participated co-directing various international projects as [Un]common sounds (2003-2007), and some other web based projects as soinumapa.net (2005-2015). Actually is member of Audiolab, an independent platform for sound research, he still writes articles for different publications and collaborates regularly with the Basque national radio.


Selected Publications

Sound piece: Xabier Erkizia / Francisco Lopez: Elektra Bidasoa| CD (Ferns, 2012)

Selected articles
“Global Ear: Lagos” (The Wire magazine 365 issue. 2014)

“Listening to our own deafness” (Tacet magazine, Univ. Paris X, 2012)

“Can you please translate this music?” (Zehar magazine #64. 2008)

Selected soundtracks
Documentary film: Depth of the air – Eduardo Chillida | directed by Juan Barrero (marmoka films, 2015)

Animation film: Àmàr | dir by Isabel Herguera (2012) Best Sound International Competition Fantoche 2011

Selected installations
The politics of recorded sound, La Biblioteca y el Saber . Koldo Mitxelena kulturunea, Donostia-San Sebastián (2014)

Per sona #1 , Interzone galleria. Roma (2014)

Two underwater landscapes in collab with Asier Gogortza, Bienale de Venezia (2009)