Workshop organized by SUPSI Dipartimento formazione e apprendimento thanks to the support of Swiss National Science Fundation

Regional collaborations:
SUPSI Dipartimento formazione e apprendimento and Accademia Teatro Dimitri, The Swiss National Sound Archives and RSI (radiotelevisione Svizzera)

FKL network (Forum Klanglandschaft – the Forum for Soundscape), a European association which serves as a platform for contact between people from various disciplines who deal with soundscapes and acoustic spaces. The FKL was born as a result of impetus from the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology WFAE (Vancouver, Canada).

Collaboration with the pre-existing international research team on soundscapes coordinated on one hand by the Swiss principal investigator (SUPSI-DFA), which includes a team of Swiss, French, Italian, Spanish ( and brazilian researchers.