Central station: The book

Texts by: Xabier Erkizia, Lorena Rocca, Hillel Schwartz, Franco Farinelli
119 pages, full colour  + audio CD
Design and layout by: Miguel Ayesa, Sonia Ciriza
Language: Italian
Publisher: SUPSI, Libe edizioni, audiolab
Download the book in PDF (Italian version)

Il rumore lontano” by Xabier Erkizia, and curated by Lorena Rocca, is the artistic result of a research made on the different narrations on trains in Canton Ticino. Includes unpublished contributions, made for the ocassion by the italian geographer  Franco Farinelli and th writer, historician and independent researcher Hillel Schwartz.

This book proposes a new geographical, critical, subjective and different interpretation of this canton in the south of Switzerland. Starting from the drawn border of the railway network and by listening to this track, an experimental approach is made on the territory.