Filippo Rosini

Title Mo.
Family name Rosini
First name(s) Filippo Giulio Antonio
Date of birth 27-10-1984
Nationality Swiss
Academic degree Master of Music in Arts
Current position Sound Consultant
Head of the Music School
Music Teacher
Piano Teacher
Institution RIBO+
Filippo Rosini & Co. Music School
Scuole Medie di Cadenazzo
Mailing address Via alle Vigne 7, CH-6593 Cadenazzo
Phone number T +41 91 210 21 48
Cell +41 79 401 79 74
Email address

Filippo Rosini is a pianist, music producer, sound consultant, choir and band director, teacher of Ed. Musicale and founder/director of the homonymous music school.

He began his musical training at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano graduating with honors (Master of Music). From 2008 to 2011 he studied in Belgium at the Lemmensinstitut in Leuven in the piano class of Prof. Alan Weiss.

He performed with several important musicians including V. Vaidman in Israel, R. Cohen in Lugano (CH), S. Kozlowska in Brussels (BE), while in duo with violinist M. D’Aprile, he won the First Absolute Prize at the “G. Rospigliosi” Competition; First Absolute Prize at the International Competition “Don Vincenzo Vitti”.

In September 2008 he won, as soloist, the First Absolute Prize at the First Edition of the “Progettomozart” Competition.

Since 2003 he has been the director of the San Michele di Sementina Chorale, with which he has held several charity concerts, always obtaining wide acclaim from the public.

In 2013 he founded, together with the flutist Sylwia Kozlowska, the Filippo Rosini & Co Music School which currently has more than a hundred students.

In 2014 he assumes the position of director and member of the Music Committee of Cadenazzo with which he holds several concerts annually. In the same year he joins the Associazione Antico Mulino del Precassino as a committee member, actively collaborating on various projects.

In 2015, having successfully completed two years of training at the Dipartimento Formazione e Apprendimento in Locarno, he became Professor of Music Education at the Scuole Medie di Cadenazzo.

Filippo Rosini actively collaborates with various bodies and associations including: the RIBO+ atelier, the Federazione Bandistica Ticinese, the Società Commercianti di Giubiasco, the Association Education Actions Education au Niger and many others.