Pio Pellizzari

Title Dir.
Family name Pellizzari
First name(s) Pio
Date of birth  –
Nationality Swiss
Academic degree lic. phil.
Current position Director of the Swiss National Sound Archives
Institution Swiss National Sound Archives
Mailing address Via Soldino 9, CH-6900 Lugano
Phone number T +41 (0)91 961 64 00
Email address pio.pellizzari@nb.admin.ch

Studied musicology, roman philology and French literature. He was a scientific collaborator for musicology at the libraries of the Universities of Lausanne and Fribourg elaborating musical inheritance and producing catalogues of musical works. He taught music at the state secondary school of Fribourg and was scientific librarian at the University of Fribourg, creating a sound archives for the University. In 2003/04 he has been invited professor at the University of Zürich. Since 1998, he is director of the Swiss National Sound Archives; board member of the National Museum of Switzerland; and since 2005 Vice-President of IASA and chair of the Training&Education Committee, which he founded.